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HSG vs. Sono HSG

A meta-analysis demonstrated that Sono HSG is an accurate test that performs similarly to an x-ray HSG. With comparable patient tolerability and the advantages of Sono-HSG over x-ray HSG, the analysis concluded Sono HSG should replace x-ray HSG in the initial workup of subfertile couples.1

X-Ray HSG Sono HSG
Procedure Location: Radiology center/Hospital Your doctor’s office
Performed by: Radiologist Ob/Gyn or Fertility specialist
Imaging Method: Fluoroscopy Ultrasound
Contrast:2 X-Ray dye Saline and Air bubbles
Allergens: Iodine None
Results: Follow-up call or
additional appointment
Referral Needed: Yes3 No
  1. S. Maheux-Lacroix et al. Hysterosalpingosonography for diagnosing tubal occlusion in subfertile women: a systematic review with meta-analysis. Hum Reprod 2014;29(5):953-63.
  2. A medical contrast medium (or contrast agent) is a substance used to enhance the contrast of structures or fluids within the body in medical imaging.
  3. The patient is responsible for verifying referral is accepted by their insurance company.

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